Everything But Sex.

The Sexperts Podcast gained momentum after a few shows, and wanted some professional artwork to boost their presence in the iTunes library. Their goal was to eventually compete with the bigger comedy podcasts, but they really needed a visual that set the tone for their 20-minute show in which the “topic of the day” would never be mentioned.

“Put a dick in it somewhere.”

With any good brand/identity exploration, I talk with the decision-makers and get to know a lot about them and their objectives. When I spoke with Sexperts co-creater, Matt Cole, he only had one request for the logo. He simply said, “I don’t know, maybe put a dick in it somewhere.”

As a designer I’m constantly trying to not subliminally draw anything phallic. I couldn’t ignore this request, and took it as a challenge. It was a comedy podcast (not) about sex, and what kind of designer would I be if I didn’t consider my clients’ idea?

The [Elephant] in the Room.

Rather than fall into rag-tag, hand-written aesthetic of most comedy podcasts, the Sexpert logo has a clean-cut look and would be right at home in a pharmacy. The colors cross gender lines and blend to reflect the nature of modern sexuality, while being a energetic palette. The most glaring characteristic is the ‘P’ and it’s resemblance to the profile of the male anatomy.

All I gave to Mr. Munn was a link to my comedy podcast and a rough idea of what I wanted: “I want a logo that looks like a penis, maybe, I dunno?” Before i knew it, he’d listened to my stuff and come up with the PERFECT encapsulation of my crude, puerile humor in his elegant, purposeful design. This guy gets it!

Matt Cole
Co-Creator of The Sexperts Podcast