A New Year and a New Look

The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) is an organization that helps develop and support rural telecommunications in America by supplying and upgrading technology in areas not yet supported by major networks. The company grew substantially in 2016, and a new look was created to reflect the new capabilities of the cooperative. While the new logo was already being implemented in collateral, this annual report served as the first big showcase for the new brand and logo.

nrtc annual report cover

The NRTC 2016 Annual Report was completed while working at Red Chalk Studios

Working at Red Chalk Studios was a wonderful chance to work with a tight-knit, talented team. Each person was nearly autonomous in their day-to-day duties and client management, but communication was always open so collaborating between stdio mates was possible. Ellen McBride is the Marketing Communications Director at Red Chalk and was responsible for editing, curating, and proofing the final piece. I worked closely with her to ensure the visuals and layout of the report matched the pacing of the written content.

Derek is a multi-talented Art Director and Creative (yes, used as a noun), whose greatest gift is seeing the big picture. He is a powerful asset and brings passion and insight to brand development and design. I worked with Derek on a number of projects and was always impressed with his thoughtful assessments and ideas. He is also a fun partner and knows a slew of team-building exercises that make the work environment (and the work itself) better. See for yourself!

Ellen McBride
Marketing Communications Director at Red Chalk Studios