From campaign creation to complete website overhaul

I inherited immediately after joining Red Chalk Studios, and for four years I was instrumental in working with a partnered marketing company to create monthly campaigns covering print, digital, auditory, and video materials. This led me to spearhead the reinvention, production, and launch of the new website.

Radio Campaigns

Because of scheduling, many of the campaigns began as a one-minute radio spot and the visual ads came second to the script. I had the pleasure of writing and working with voice talent in developing characters, ensuring timing, and approving production for each campaign.

Digital Ad Campaigns

As part of the monthly campaigns, a number of digital ads were created in a variety of formats. Ranging from interactive desktop banner ads to incredibly small mobile ads, I was responsible to visually interpreting the radio campaign and producing and delivering the final files.

The New Website

One of the last projects I began work on while at Red Chalk Studios was being a part of creating the new website. After years of creating source material, the site grew to become a vast library of information and became bloated. As a response, the site was cataloged, and redesigned with a series of filters and sorting devices created to help the user find relevant information faster than ever.