It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

That’s not 100% true, but good design speaks volumes before you read a single word. A well drawn logo, typeface, clear layout, or piece of lettering sets the tone for how your audience feels before they read anything. Everyone has something they want to say, and good design helps you be heard.

Brand Creation & Support

Whether you’re starting from scratch or in need of a facelift, your brand identity needs to stand strong. I dive into your mind to uncover deep truths, visually stitch it together, and bring your brand to life.

Custom Typeface Design

The way your text looks can carry as much tone as your voice when you speak. That’s why typefaces matter, and you need something tailored to your brand so your message comes through loud and clear.

Lettering & Illustration

Book covers, t-shirts, posters, advertisements, magazine editorials…lettering is literally everywhere there are words! Custom lettering is a sure-fire way to grab someone’s attention and keep it.

We love working with Derek Munn. He has the amazing ability to pluck the hazy, half-formed image inside our head and turn it into something magical. We’ve been thrilled with all the work he has done for us. He fosters a very collaborative dialogue and is great at making tweaks and changes to projects on the fly.

Sean DevereuxCo-Owner of The Push Comedy Theater

Derek was an absolute pleasure to work with. He took the time to get an understanding of my vibe and audience before even sketching anything up. From there, he was consistent in keeping me in the loop for the entire design process. I was absolutely thrilled with the final result. He captured everything I wanted in a logo with minor revisions. I'm very excited to use his work on my new brand.

Branden Youngs@byoungz on Instagram

Derek is a great designer who is remarkably easy to work with. He listens, is organized and generates quality work on schedule. His designs are very professional and visually gripping, and the value he brings is priceless. We are glad to have found him.

Audra BullockDirector & President of Tidewater Friends of Foster Care

He took the time to form a relationship with me, to ask thoughtful questions, and really understand what it was I try to manifest in my business. The result is that my logo is something that really represents the heart and soul of my work; truly "me."

Kevin JoyceOwner of Blue Cypress Counseling & Wellness

I began working with Derek in the summer of 2017. I came to him with a basic idea of expanding my brand and he literally took that basic idea and designed a logo that was better than I could have imagined. Derek also gave me a jumpstart on rebranding my business facebook page and website. If you need a very creative mind to design a logo or help your existing brand jump to the next level, Derek is your guy!

Joe LeoneOwner of Hard Work Works

Derek is one of the most talented, thoughtful designers I have ever known. I first learned of his abilities through the grapevine, but was privy to more of his process and insight as he built the branding for my sketch comedy group. Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work with Derek on and off stage, and I'm consistently impressed with his dedication, attention to detail, creativity, and insight, especially when it comes to branding and how to "tell a story." His design work is incredible, and he's fun to work with, to boot. Derek adds value to every team he's on, and I highly recommend working with him.

Amber NettlesSales & Marketing Consultant

Derek completed some graphic design and website work for my political campaign that began in 2017. He has a keen eye for design and created beautiful palm cards for me that successfully captured the message of my campaign. With only very general direction, Derek took broad ideas and channeled them into a cohesive look across platforms that was clean, vibrant, and professional. I would recommend him not just to political candidates, but anyone looking to develop a fresh professional brand.

Brittany Shearer, M.S.EdNorfolk School Board 2018 Candidate

Derek provides outstanding, high-quality work that underscore his creativity and strong skill set. We have worked together on a host of different projects, and I am continually impressed by the caliber and efficiency of his work. He is an excellent addition to the Red Chalk team.

Jennifer WlachManaging Director at Mercury LLC.

Derek has been a great asset on the campaigns we manage. His attention to detail and creativity are a wonderful combination that we appreciate enormously.

Margaret CahoonMarketing Consultant at Cahoon & Cross Inc.

Derek is a multi-talented Art Director and Creative (yes, used as a noun), whose greatest gift is seeing the big picture. He is a powerful asset and brings passion and insight to brand development and design. I worked with Derek on a number of projects and was always impressed with his thoughtful assessments and ideas. He is also a fun partner and knows a slew of team-building exercises that make the work environment (and the work itself) better. See for yourself!

Ellen McBrideMarketing Communications Director at Red Chalk Studios

All I gave to Mr. Munn was a link to my comedy podcast and a rough idea of what I wanted: "I want a logo that looks like a penis, maybe, I dunno?" Before i knew it, he'd listened to my stuff and come up with the PERFECT encapsulation of my crude, puerile humor in his elegant, purposeful design. This guy gets it!

Matt ColeCo-Creater of The Sexperts Podcast

Derek is an incredible Art Director, meticulous Type Designer, and friendly co-worker. He's great with constructive criticism and working as a team. I've seen him apply his vast knowledge of design history in posters, branding, displays - you name it. His typography skills are fantastic, functional, and can make boring reports look and read wonderfully. He's awesome to work with and have in your circle of friends.

Ceindy NunezDesigner & Doodler

Derek Munn is a fantastically talented graphic designer and art director that I had the fortune of working under for over a year. He is a pleasure to learn from, and is also great to work with. Not a single day went by where I didn’t laugh at least once because of him. Derek is stellar at managing multiple projects at once, as well as delivering on time and on budget while also blowing away the clients expectations. He is skilled at picking out the most important parts of a project and polishing them until they are perfect, while not getting stuck on the small things.

Nicole DombiFront-End Developer at Red Chalk Studios

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