Cutting Through the Red Tape of Staying Connected

Enterprise Wireless Alliance provides assistance and advocacy for business enterprises, carrier services, equipment manufacturers, and support services in the private wireless communication industry. There’s a lot information in the air, and EWA is the organization to make sure your information has space to travel and not be interrupted, no matter how small the network. This annual report was packed to the brim with a recap of the 2016 featuring informational footers, sidebars, and inventive graphs to make easy reading of the complex logistics behind wireless communication.

The EWA 2016 Annual Report was completed while working at Red Chalk Studios

Working as an Art Director at Red Chalk Studios, I had a voice when hiring new talent. Because of my prior teaching position at Old Dominion University, I knew the up-and-coming talent in the area very well and a few times greeting a new hire was like greeting an old friend. Ceindy Nunez was one of those former-student hires. Helping her grow and produce amazing work at Red Chalk was one of my most proud and satisfying professional experiences.

Derek is an incredible Art Director, meticulous Type Designer, and friendly co-worker. He’s great with constructive criticism and working as a team. I’ve seen him apply his vast knowledge of design history in posters, branding, displays – you name it. His typography skills are fantastic, functional, and can make boring reports look and read wonderfully. He’s awesome to work with and have in your circle of friends.

Ceindy Nunez
Former Graphic Designer at Red Chalk Studios