Treat less patients, but give more care.

Animal Vision Center of Virginia (AVCVA) and owner, Dr. Heather Brookshire, were the new kid on the block. Unable to compete on pricing or seeing as many patients as their competitors, AVCVA focuses on personalized care for each patient using the most passionate staff around. The personal care begins at consultation and continues to the aftercare, weeks following a procedure.

Visual Landscape Analysis

When an industry gets so specific, it develops strong visual tropes. Animal ophthalmology is no different in the fact that eyes, dogs, cats, paw prints, stethoscopes, and hearts are pervasive in the competitive landscape. Pairing these common visuals with sans serif type made for a confident, authoritative mark with a wash of authoritative dark blue.

These elements were ripe for reinvention. With Animal Vision Center of Virginia having very little reputation, it would be important to look professional along side their competition, but offer something new and exciting.

Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Animal Vision Center of Virginia embraced the power of recognizable animals and injected new life into their application. The identity is a balance of refined veterinary tradition with a warm personality reflecting the individual attention patients receive from a passionate staff.

Woof, Meow, Tweet!

In the primary form, the logo is comfortable among the existing landscape of animal eye care. The lively green and blue are an energetic variation on the industry standard of green and blue, while the typography offers an additional anchor in medical tradition.

The geometric pieces become brand elements and represent the menagerie of Animal Vision Center of Virginia’s clientéle. A zoo of animals was developed, but the three ambassadors became the dog, cat, and bird. The animation demonstrating the transition between the primary logo and the supporting marks was created by Suzanne Burns.

Resource sharing is caring.

The website for Animal Vision Center of Virginia is more than a place to hold staff information and brand promises. Dr. Heather Brookshire made sure her warm and caring demeanor carried through to the extensive resources shared on the site. Everything from early symptom spotting, after care, and step-by-step instructions on proper medicine administration can be found on the site.