Calm, Confident, and a Memory

Kevin Joyce was ready to open his own mental wellness practice and approached me with a name inspired by a memory. Blue Cypress Counseling & Wellness was born from a peaceful scene from Kevin’s childhood, but he wanted the brand to as strong as his larger, more established competitors. After an hour-long interview, we both knew the logo had to be simple and strong, but calm and approachable.

Standing tall on a hilltop.

Whether you have huge mountains or small hills to climb, reaching the top of anything and enjoying the view is empowering. The concept of overcoming and feeling “on top of the world” is what Kevin strives to instill as he helps his clients explore their troubles and find ways to overcome their challenges.

His confident and calm demeanor needed to be clear and present in his brand. Rather than use a stock typeface already existing within the health industry, a custom character set was created to give a voice for his practice that is unique as Kevin’s approach to counseling his clients.

Seeing the forest for the trees.

The three trees atop the horizon represent the journey of personal development. A perspective shift can be used to see “the forest for the trees” and recontextualize a situation, which is key for becoming “unstuck” in any mental pattern. Likewise, the gentle hill invites you to take the first step to the top to enjoy the view.

Taking strong cues from Optima (Hermann Zapf, 1955), Cypress Roman is a humanist sans-serif with a slight flair for the botanical. Initially designed as a one-off logo, the character set was expanded to create custom office decor and be used in future brand collateral.

Derek took the time to form a relationship with me, to ask thoughtful questions, and really understand what it was I try to manifest in my business. The result is that my logo is something that really represents the heart and soul of my work; truly “me.”

Kevin Joyce
Owner of Blue Cypress Counseling & Wellness