Adapting and Overcoming in Unprecedented Times

Originally planned to be an in-person event, 2020 pandemic shutdown forced Foster Care Aware to either to be canceled or digitally adapt. Dozens of organizations were set to speak, share, and rally support for their foster care related missions, so it was decided the show must go on.

As 2021 rolled around and not much changing in the world, the same team is ready to make this year better than the year before. With a refreshed look, lessons learned, and new benchmarks, Foster Care Aware no intention of going back to an in-person event.

But what happened in 2020?

With the pandemic shutdown taking place in March and Foster Awareness month being May, we had around 45 days to plan, coordinate, and execute (what was decided to become) a month-long digital event.

By the end of the event, I edited over 40 videos, produced countless graphics for social media promotion, created a Youtube video library, and many other miscellaneous management duties.

Digital Ad Campaigns

As part of the monthly campaigns, a number of digital ads had to be created a variety of formats. Ranging from interactive banner ads to ads for mobile sizing, I was responsible to visually interpreting the radio campaign and then sizing and delivering the digitals to the proper outlet.

The New Website

One of the last projects I had the pleasure of working on at Red Chalk Studios was being a part of creating the new website. After years of creating source material, the site grew to become a vast library of information. As a response the site was cataloged, and a series of filters and sorting devices created to help the user find relevant information faster than ever.